CHASE Placements
How to apply

As a CHASE funded student you have the opportunity to undertake a placement as part of your doctoral training. A placement is an excellent personal and professional development opportunity. You will develop skills, demonstrate the impact of your research expertise outside of academia and gain additional experience to add to your CV.

We regard CHASE as a world-class network of leading arts and humanities researchers. Your placement will enable you to represent CHASE beyond academia and demonstrate the impact that arts and humanities research can have on creative, cultural and public organisations both nationally and internationally.
— Dr Steven Colburn, Placements and Partnerships Officer

You will be fully supported by CHASE, your institution and your placement host. Your placement will be funded as part of your PhD. We also provide additional funding to cover travel and subsistence costs incurred whilst you are on placement.

Placements will be flexible to fit with your studies. You may spend one to six months with a partner organisation on a project that is mutually beneficial to your research and to the work of the organisation. Projects are usually developed in collaboration between students and partner organisations. CHASE has established connections with a variety of partners in the creative, public and cultural sectors as well as local partners at each CHASE institution. You can, though, seek a placement with any organisation that you feel is relevant to your development needs. You can also do your placement internationally.

Check the placement opportunities page to see the current list of placements we are promoting. You are welcome to organise your own placement.

Please download the placement application form using the link on the right hand side of this page. You will need to submit this form to CHASE once you have secured a placement. The form also features an annex that explains the process of applying for a placement and clarifies the terms and criteria of the CHASE placement scheme.

Please note: your CHASE placement application form must be submitted at least two months before your placement is expected to commence.

If you are currently on placement and wish to extend the duration of your placement, you can use the form downloadable on the right hand side of this page to request an extension.

You are always welcome to contact us directly to discuss placements.

Contact – Dr Steven Colburn,
CHASE DTP Placements and Partnerships Officer:
+44 (0)1273 873673