Frequently Asked Questions 

+ Can I apply to more than one AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of DTPs to which you can apply.

+ What does CHASE stand for?

Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England.

+ Can I apply to more than one institution within CHASE?

CHASE discourages applications to multiple institutions. Candidates are advised to research which institution offers the best fit for their project, in terms of supervision and resources. CHASE also supports co-supervision between institutions.

+ Can I apply directly to CHASE?

No, you must apply through and with the support of the CHASE institution at which you have applied to study

+ Does CHASE fund Masters programmes?

No, but there are a number of non-CHASE scholarships for Masters available at the member institutions.

+ Can I apply if I have started a PhD?

Yes, you may still be eligible for an AHRC studentship funding providing that, at the start of the award, you will have at least 50% of your period of study remaining. Your application should reflect the progress that you have already made in your project.

+ If I am unsuccessful this year, can I reapply for funding in 2019-20?


+ Can I apply this year (2019-20) for deferred entry in 2021?

No, candidates seeking AHRC funding for 2021 entry should apply to the 2020 CHASE studentship competition.

+ How does the CHASE AHRC studentship selection process work?

There will be two stages to the selection process. The first will take place within the CHASE institution(s) to which you are applying for a PhD place during February 2019. If you are shortlisted by the CHASE institution, your application will then be submitted to a second selection process at CHASE level.

+ If I already have a PhD from an overseas university can I still apply?

If, by the start date of a studentship, you will have already gained or completed the requirements for a doctoral degree in any subject, however funded, you will not be eligible to receive doctoral studentship funding under any scheme.

+ I am from the EU, can I get a full award?

Subject to their academic eligibility, students from EU countries other than the UK are generally eligible for awards restricted to the payment of tuition fees only and no maintenance award. However if you have been resident in the UK throughout the 3–year period preceding the start of the course (including full time education) you may be eligible for a full award. See the Guidance Notes for further information on eligibility.

+ I’m an international student studying at a UK University / Higher Education Institution– am I eligible?

No, international students are unfortunately not eligible for AHRC funding. Please contact your institution for other funding opportunities.

+ SOAS and Birkbeck are part of CHASE in DTP2. Can I apply for a studentship at either of these institutions?

Yes, CHASE studentships are now available to candidates at SOAS and Birkbeck.

+ How many references do I need altogether?

You need two references to be completed via the application system. These can be from the same referees that supported your PhD application. One or both of your proposed supervisors can also be your referees if appropriate. Further information about what is needed to support your CHASE funding application can be found in the Guidance Notes.

+ When will I know if I have funding?

CHASE will inform successful applicants of the outcome of their application by 12 April 2019, and all applicants by 26 April 2019.

+ Is there an appeals process?

The decision of the CHASE Management Board is final and there is no recourse to any further appeal process.

+ Does the CHASE DTP promote interdisciplinary research?

Yes, we welcome proposals that work between disciplines.

+ What makes a good application?

Please see our Guidance Notes and discuss with your supervisor.

+ Is my personal information secure on the CHASE application system?

The system is UK GDPR compliant.

+ Does CHASE offer London weighting for stipends?

As per the Research Councils Training Grant Guide, CHASE offers London weighting to eligible students who are studying at London institutions (Birkbeck, SOAS, Courtauld Institute or Goldsmiths). It is not applicable where students are studying at other institutions but choosing to live in London.