There are a variety of techniques you can use to navigate around the site.

You can use the top-level drop-down navigation and the site search, both of which give you access across the entire website and resources contained within. On each section of the site you can use the page navigation (which appears to the left of this content) and the breadcrumb trail (which appears just above this content).

Most modern browsers support some form of built-in text resizing or page zooming. Changing the text size or zoom varies depending on the browser you are using.

Text resizing and page zooming

  • PC / Internet Explorer 7
    From the Tools cog icon in the top right corner, select Zoom and then choose your setting

  • PC / other browsers
    Hold down the CTRL key and press + to increase the text/zoom
    Hold down the CTRL key and press - to decrease the text/zoom

  • Mac / all browsers
    Hold down the Command key and press + to increase the text/zoom
    Hold down the Command key and press - to decrease the text/zoom

Accessibility statement

The website has been developed following guidelines which are aimed at achieving a good level of accessibility – we endeavour to meet with WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

These are some of the accessibility and usability guidelines taken into account when developing the site:

  • providing simple, consistent site navigation

  • using style sheets for visual layout, so that content is readable without style sheets or with a different style applied by your own browser set-up

  • using an easy-to-read font type

  • endeavouring to provide suitable foreground and background colour contrast

  • providing text equivalents for images, where appropriate

  • giving access to a site map for individual sections of the site

  • ensuring javascript degrades gracefully, so content is accessible without javascript wherever possible

  • providing a 'skip to content' navigational link to aid text-only browsers and page readers.

We welcome feedback on using the site with the aid of assistive software. Email us at

Browser support for the site

Get advice

For help on making internet access easier, see the BBC's My web My way pages for advice on how to adjust your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings.