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Contact CHASE


Contact CHASE

Clare Hunt
CHASE DTP Coordinator

Clare is the first point of contact for all general enquiries to the CHASE consortium and co-ordinates the communications and administrative systems that ensure CHASE runs smoothly. Contact Clare for:

  • All general enquiries about the CHASE DTP (Doctoral Training Partnership)
  • Enquiries about and possible updates to, the CHASE website
  • Updating your records (for example contact details with CHASE) / 01273 873518 / @CHASE_DTP

Steven Colburn
CHASE DTP Placements & Partnerships Officer

Steven is responsible for developing and maintaining partnerships with non-Higher Education organisations. He arranges for these organisation to provide training to CHASE students as part of the CHASE DTP (Doctoral Training Programme) and can arrange placements for CHASE students with these organisations.
Contact Steven for:

  • Information on how to become a partner of CHASE
  • Discussions on the various ways a partner organisation can engage with CHASE students
  • Details on how to set up a placement for a CHASE student / 01273 873673 @CHASE_DTP

Rob Witts

Rob manages the DTP (Doctoral Training Programme) that all CHASE students undertake whilst studying for their PhD. Rob co-ordinates the CHASE DTP to ensure it complements the DTPs available to CHASE PhD students at their host Research Institute. Contact Rob for:

  • Information on the CHASE DTP strategy
  • Suggested additions to the existing CHASE DTP
  • Access to reports highlighting the outcomes of the implementation of the CHASE DTP / 01273 873251 / @robwitts