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Collaborative Doctoral Award

CHASE DTP is seeking proposals for Collaborative Doctoral Award projects in arts and humanities subject areas to be funded by the CHASE AHRC grant.

The call for this year’s Collaborative Doctoral Award is now closed. Please be aware the information below may change slightly and dates differ for the next call.

Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDAs) are doctoral studentship projects which are developed by a university based academic working in collaboration with an organisation outside of higher education. They are intended as a way of facilitating collaboration with a diverse range of non-HEI partners including smaller, regional partners and spreading capacity for non-HEIs to work with HEIs in focused, mutually beneficial ways. CDAs provide important opportunities for doctoral students to gain first-hand experience of work outside the university environment and enhance the employment-related skills and training which a student may gain during the course of their award. 

CDA projects also encourage and establish links that can have long-term benefits for both collaborating partners, providing access to resources and materials, knowledge and expertise that may not otherwise have been available and also provide social, cultural and economic benefits to wider society.

The number of awards will depend on the number and quality of proposals received, but the Management Board expects to offer 5-6 Collaborative Doctoral Award studentships to start in October 2019. These studentships will be advertised alongside the main CHASE studentship competition, to a separate timetable.


All research proposals must be submitted by a supervisory team consisting of a lead contact supervisor, who takes overall administrative responsibility for the project; a second supervisor; and a supervisor from the partner organisation. CHASE policy requires that each academic supervisor has:

  • a PhD (or, exceptionally, if conducting practice-based research, equivalent recent experience);

  • evidence of recent research activity relevant to student’s research project in the past 5 years;

  • awareness of CHASE supervisory practice via briefing notes and introductory sessions;

  • sufficient time in his or her workload to carry out supervision duties.

Additionally, a member of the supervisory team should have at least 3 years of experience in successful supervision of PGR students, with at least 1 member of the team being a permanent member of staff and having supervised to completion.

Submitting a proposal

The main contact supervisor is responsible for submitting a proposal. The application form has five sections:

  1. supervisory team details

  2. collaboration details, including a letter of support from partner organisation

  3. proposal details

  4. studentship advertisement

  5. costing for the research project

Summary of application process

  • Applicant identifies a research project and a collaborative partner with whom they wish to work. Applicant discusses this project with the collaborative partner and, if they are interested in participating, drafts and agrees a research project proposal, including what each party will contribute to the project, such as financial support, access to data, provision of office space for the student, etc.

  • Applicant works with the collaborative partner to produce a letter of support, to be signed by that partner, and which must be uploaded as part of your application. This letter should briefly state what your partner has agreed to contribute to the research project.

  • Applicant identifies the supervisory team, in which the applicant is lead contact supervisor. The team must include another supervisor who will be actively involved in the research project or who has a particular expertise in this research area, as well as a supervisor from the collaborative partner.

  • Applicant drafts an advertisement for the studentship to be attached to the research project.

  • Complete the application form and send via email to

  • Proposals will be assessed by the CHASE Management Board, and applicants notified of the outcome by 7 February 2019.

  • If a proposal is successful, it will be advertised both internally and externally to attract candidates for the studentship attached to the research project. The closing date for candidates to apply for the studentship will be 3 May 2019.

  • Once the applications for the studentship for the project have been received, supervisors will be involved in selecting the best candidate for this studentship.

The closing date for this competition is 16 January 2019.