Brief Encounters
Postgraduate Journal

Brief Encounters, an open-access peer-reviewed postgraduate journal, which showcases the interdisciplinary research of CHASE funded and affiliated scholars, staff, and non-HEI partners. 

Brief Encounters is an online peer-reviewed postgraduate journal, which was founded in April 2016 with the support of the CHASE Management Board. In its first issue, and beyond, the journal will showcase research undertaken by CHASE funded and affiliated individuals, which includes students and staff from all 9 institutions within the consortium, as well as non-HEI partner members. As an open-access journal, Brief Encounters supports the dissemination of knowledge to a global readership, with the intent that the research it publishes encourages the exchange of ideas outside of traditional academic circles. Taking inspiration from CHASE’s biannual conference ‘Encounters’, and the 1945 film, A Brief Encounter, the journal hopes to inspire relationships of the intellectual (as opposed to the amorous) kind between individuals separated by geographical distances. In these brief but still meaningful academic encounters, the journal aims to start conversations which will lead to unexpected journeys.

Unlike many other academic journals, Brief Encounters will be comprised of short but academically rigorous pieces. The journal will provide Masters and PhD students from CHASE institutions, as well as non-HEI CHASE affiliated partners, with the opportunity to publish in an alternative format to the traditional 7-8,000 word articles often required by academic journals. It is a space to publish work conducted for previous studies, conference papers, research that does not have a place in a doctoral thesis, or an inspired scribble in a notebook that deserves fuller exploration, to give only a few examples. Brief Encounters consequently aims to preserve and facilitate the discussion of work that would otherwise be limited to single discipline conferences, conversations within institutions, or even a brief exchange on a train platform.