Aled Thomas

Open University

Project title: The Transition of Auditing from Psychiatric Therapy to Religious Ritual: Social and Religious Developments in the Church of Scientology

My research focuses on the Scientologist practice of auditing, and its nuanced nature as a psychotherapeutic procedure and a religious ritual. This project pays close attention to contemporary forms of auditing in different forms of Scientology, ranging from the Church of Scientology to the ‘Free Zone’, the category of groups and individuals that practice Scientology away from the institutionalised Church of Scientology, whether this is independently or part of an organised group. Through this project I aim to provide an in-depth case study of a New Religious Movement in transition and transformation in the 21st century.

Supervised by Dr Marion Bowman, Dr Paul-François Tremlett

About  me
Currently working on my PhD at the Open University - former student of the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David and Trinity University College Carmarthen. Owner of three lovely cats.

Research interests
New Religious Movements / Contemporary Religion.
Religion in the media.
Religion and popular culture.
Minority movements.
Religious experience.