CHASE Student Committee

The CHASE Student Committee, consists of nine CHASE-funded students, one from each of the member institutions as well as up to seven others across the consortium. The Student Committee will meet at least twice per year.

Please use the contact details below to get in touch with your rep.

The Courtauld Institute of Art

University of Kent

I’m Kate, and I will be the Secretary of the Student Advisory Group from January. I am a first year PhD student at the University of Kent, studying History. My thesis is on female perpetrators of the Holocaust; I am focusing particularly on the female doctors who participated in the human experiments that took place at concentration camps during the Third Reich. 

Kate Docking
Secretary of SC
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Secretary of the SAG until January 2018, first year History PhD student at the University of Kent studying Holocaust survivor associations using oral history. Interests include copious amounts of reading, writing book reviews for my blog and cooking. Can be contacted on I'm happy to be contacted by anyone regarding my role, suggestions to put forward, networking opportunities and if any prospective CHASE students want advice.

Ellis Spicer
Chair of SC
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I'm Matt and I am the University of Sussex representative on the Student Committee. I am first year Art History PhD student researching how British museums negotiate the issues around displaying colonial histories with a specific interest in narratives around slavery, abolition and their ongoing legacies.     

University of Sussex

Matthew Jones
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I am Stuart and I am the Open University representative on the CHASE Student Committee. I am a first year Classical Archaeology PhD student researching and building an economic history of the territory of the Dumnonii. I have specific interests in material culture theory, the archaeology of the South West peninsula of Britain, approaches to researching identity and Iron Age/Romano British transitional narratives.

Open University

Stuart Falconer
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