Francesco Sebregondi

Goldsmiths, University of London

Project title: Learning from Gaza: Towards an Urban Theory of Violence.

Supervised by Professor Eyal Weizman

My research examines the built environment of the Gaza Strip since the withdrawal of Israeli army and settlements in 2005. Does the continuous making and unmaking of Gaza's urban fabric constitute a new model of urbanism? By tracking the ebb and flow of concrete in and out of the enclave, as its patterns of distribution, aggregation, and disintegration, my research traces the intricate diagram of power that crisscrosses the Gaza Strip. The notion of "operational urbanism" is proposed here to designate the machinic framework that binds together computational logistics, monitoring technologies, and military targeting to generate an urban environment of total control. How might we rethink the conceptual and practical tools of the architectural project when the data dashboard has replaced the masterplan as the primary matrix of built forms?