Patrick Preston

University of East Anglia, English Literature

Project Title: Dwelling in ruins: London, 1970 onwards.

I am researching London texts after 1970, focusing on a range of material, including urban planning and political speeches which structured feeling and promoted commercial redevelopment projects, and film and literature which responded to this context, including works by Patrick Keiller, J.G. Ballard and Iain Sinclair.

I explore dominant narratives of decay and regeneration, and how nostalgia and melancholia have figured in ideas of home and belonging, focusing on under-studied cultural productions that emerged from rapidly changing places such as the Docklands and Soho. I am particularly interested in the function of queer spaces in the time of Thatcher and the emergence of AIDS, as depicted by writers such as Derek Jarman and Allan Hollinghurst.

My research draws upon critical conversations of space-time, queer theory, landscape and cultural memory, and seeks a closer relation of cultural histories and geographies with literary studies.

Supervised by Dr Matthew Taunton, Dr Stephen Benson.

Research Interests

Queer theory, gender, place space and time, life-writing, history of sexuality, urban studies, memory, post-war British culture, nation, London, oral history, stranger-making.

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