Johanne Porter

University of East Anglia

Project Title: Religious Identity in East Anglia, 800-1100

My research concerns the religious history of medieval East Anglia c.800-1100, and specifically, the religious identity of its occupants.  From the seventh century, East Anglia was considered Christian, with a brief interlude brought about by the Viking invasions from the ninth century.

Through the study of primary sources, I would like to explore what it meant to be a Christian in medieval East Anglia and how the Viking settlement affected the religious identity of the region.  In order to research this topic thoroughly, it is important that the study of conventional historical documents is combined with numismatic and archaeological evidence.

This inter-disciplinary thesis will be an original contribution and address the gap in the historiography of this period.

Supervised by Dr Tom Licence (UEA) and Dr Tim Pestell (Norwich Castle Museum).

Research Interests

Medieval History; Ecclesiastical History; East Anglia; Vikings; Anglo-Saxons; St. Edmund; Numismatics; Religious Artefacts; Memorial Coinage of St. Edmund; Thor Hammer Pendants