Peer Coaching taster session (collaborative with WRoCAH DTP) - FULLY BOOKED


25 January 2019 | 11:00 - 17:00
William Penn Suite, Friends House, London

Run collaboratively by WRoCAH and CHASE DTPs.

Would you benefit from being part of a supportive peer group of WRoCAH doctoral researchers for a whole academic year and beyond?
Peer coaching groups that meet regularly are known as ‘action learning sets’. Groups are intended to offer mutual support and coaching. For each meeting group members are invited bring their current challenges and the group works with them to coach them towards potential solutions.

Taking part in this workshop will give you the chance to work with a group of peers to develop your coaching skills to improve collaborative working, communication and professional relationships. The skills of coaching can be applied to help you get the best out of yourself and the best out of others. This can be in your research, in your teaching or in working with or supervising of others.

Learning how to coach and be coached is about applying a collaborative leadership style and encouraging collective responsibility, rather than leading in a traditional sense. You can help others to come up with their own solutions using the problem-solving muscle of teams to solve problems. This style provokes, coaches and guides meaningful, investigative learning and problem-solving processes.

Coaching has a direct link back to resilience because we learn as much from coaching as we do from being coached. You get the chance to encourage and support others through coaching techniques as well as benefiting from their encouragement and support.

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