Polly Paulusma

University of East Anglia

Project title: Invisible Music: the influence of performative folksong on Angela Carter's prose

Angela Carter was a folk singer, and the influences of folk's performative sonority saturate her prose. I'm interested in ways she abstracted elements of folksong into her prose, and would like to propose a general shift towards musicological methodologies in literary studies.

Supervised by Stephen Benson, Daniel Foster

About me
After reading English at Cambridge, I was signed to a record label and became a touring, published singer-songwriter for a decade before returning to academia with a special interest in musico-literary studies.

Research interests
Angela Carter, folksong, folk, musico-literary studies, theory of 'the voice', performative sonority, embodied performance, musical prose scansion, the lyric, semantics of rhythm, musicology.