Katherine Parker-Hay

University of Sussex

Project title: Afterlives of Queer Theory: bathos and comparable shifts in mood in the late and minor texts 

My research is on the lifecycles of social justice movements. It asks what makes theory and activism feel animated at some moments and less available for uptake at others. My current project focuses on queer theory in particular: its so-called "death" in the first decade of the twenty-first century and the work that has been produced in the field since. It does this by working with texts that stand in odd relationship to the founding theoretical monographs, such interviews, prefaces to new editions, auto-theory and comic serials. I work on the "minor" works of Judith Butler, Eve Sedgwick, Michel Foucault and Jack Halberstam; the genre-bending work of Maggie Nelson and comic strips by Alison Bechdel.

Supervised by Dr Sara Crangle and Dr Natalia  Cecire

Research interests

Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Affect, Phenomenology, Everyday Studies, Comics and serials


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