CHASE Training Hub - New CHASE resource

We are delighted to announce the launch for a new repository of resources developed from our doctoral training in arts and humanities. It is open to all.

The aim of the Training Hub is to widen access to CHASE training. This includes resources developed from training events for those unable to attend, alongside specially commissioned online-only modules.

The modules currently online are: 

  • Public Policy Engagement: Skills and Strategies

  • Careers Training

As well as some designed specifically for the online training hub

  • Producing Resources From your Event

  • Building Your Academic Web Presence

There is also a recording of the induction training, in case you couldn't attend or need a recap.

You will also find links to CHASE training programme websites which contain course reading lists, blogs and videos.

To access the CHASE Training Hub, please use the link below.

There will also be a link from the home page on the CHASE website

There is no sign in required until you opt to do an online module by clicking 'take this module' button. When you click, you will be taken to a WordPress sign in page. If you have a WordPress account, you can use these details, otherwise, please use the 'register' option and follow the instructions.

Any problems or queries regarding the Training Hub, please email