Institute for World Literature – University of Copenhagen (3 - 26 July 2017)

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The British Centre for Literary Translation, on behalf of the Consortium for Humanities and the Arts – South-East England (CHASE), is pleased to announce two sponsored places at the annual Institute for World Literature (IWL), to be held at the University of Copenhagen in summer 2017.

The Institute will hold its seventh summer school session 3 - 26 July  2017 at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in joint partnership with Aarhus University.  This ambitious four-week programme includes a total of twelve two-week seminars taught by leading names in world literature today, together with outstanding guest lectures and the opportunity for participants to share their work in colloquia, as well as panels on publishing and the job market.  The programme will be supplemented by outings and cultural events to build community beyond the boundaries of the formal sessions.  Participants will have the chance to examine critically the latest challenges of this comprehensive and rapidly developing field, from its theoretical concepts and the history of the discipline to its forms of practice today embedded in a world market.

Seminars are taught by a mix of distinguished senior faculty and innovative younger scholars of world literature.  The programme includes also several plenary lectures.  The guests are all noteworthy figures who have made major contributions to world literature and to the discipline of comparative literature, challenging and redefining from different perspectives the boundaries and key issues of classical and modern philology, literary theory and criticism.  Special panels composed of IWL faculty and participants will discuss professional issues of strategies for moving into the job market and for publishing.

In addition to attending seminars, participants will give a paper within one of eight colloquia groups organised around broad themes: World Literature and Production, World Literature and Circulation, World Literature and Translation, Postcolonialism and World Literature, World Cinema and World Literature, Premodern Literature and World Literature; Politics, Poetics and World Literature.  Meeting once each week with their peers under the leadership of one of the postdoc or faculty participants, they will have the opportunity to make their own contribution to the developing field of world literary studies.

Participants’ work will benefit from using the resources of the Royal Library, renowned for its invaluable holdings including manuscripts of world literature like the Icelandic sagas, manuscripts by Hans Christian Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard, and Georg Brandes.

To feel the pulse of the city and its surroundings, IWL will organise casual outings (free or at minimal cost), including a boat cruise in the Nyhavn area, a picnic at Kongens Have next to Rosenborg Castle, and a day trip to Kronborg, the site for Shakespeare's masterpiece Hamlet, and to Louisiana Art Museum.

The 2017 flyer is attached.  Applications are welcomed from current PhD students at all CHASE institutions (NB: the scheme is not restricted to students who are already CHASE-funded).  If you are interested in attending IWL 2017, please email BCLT ( no later than 20 January, including a copy of your CV and a 300-word statement describing current scholarly interests and plans, as well as specific suggestions as to how the IWL might further those interests and plans. The statement should also include information about any relevant courses taken and/or taught in comparative and world literature and theory.  BCLT will assess the applications and select those most likely to benefit from the experience.

The successful applicants will be responsible for their own travel, room and board, and incidental costs. They are also initially responsible for paying the tuition fee (at a discounted rate) but will then claim reimbursement of the tuition fee through CHASE.

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