International World Literature Summer School

The British Centre for Literary Translation, on behalf of CHASE, sponsored two places at the annual Institute for World Literature held at the City University of Hong Kong this summer (23 June – 17 July 2014).  Guest lecturers included Professors Glenn Most (Scuola Normale, Pisa) and Gisèle Sapiro (CNRS and EHESS), two noteworthy figures who have made major contributions to the discipline of comparative literature, challenging and redefining from different perspectives the boundaries and key issues of classical and modern philology and sociology.   

All participants were given the opportunity to share their current work together within eight affinity groups organized around broad themes: Sociology of World Literature, World Literature and Production, World Literature and Translation, World Literature and Circulation, Postcolonialism and World Literature, World Cinema and World Literature, Premodern(ity) and World Literature; Politics, Poetics and World Literature.  

Attendance reports from the Hong Kong Summer School
Sean Seeger
Anna Metcalf

Previous CHASE candidates have attended the IWL sessions at Harvard University (2013) and Istanbul (2012) with attendance reports below.

Harvard University 2013
Melis Menent
Adela Papanastasiou

Instanbul 2012
Kopal Gautam
Ersin Münüklü