CHASE Networks

Following a call for Network Development activities in Summer 2015, a number of events have taken place and are already beginning to develop and plan for future networking events.

Reports on the some of the activities are posted below. If you are interested in being involved in any of them, please contact the lead for each network, as listed.

Next call for CHASE Network grants

There are currently no plans for further CHASE Network calls. Please use the form below to sign up to the monthly bulletin for news and events related to CHASE.

CHASE Feminist Network

The Learned Book Across Borders
Contact: Dr Thomas Roebuck

Gender, Sexuality and Violence Research Network

Languages of the Global: Women and International Political Thought
Contact: Dr Katharina Rietzler 

SPARC Networking Event (Spatial and GeoHumanities Research Collaborations)
Contact: Dr Benjamin Vis

Eighteenth-Century Femininities: A New CHASE Network
Contact: Dr Ann Lewis

The Network for Research on Home
Contact: Dr Bojana Petric

CHASE Digital Humanities Network
Contact: Dr Francesca Benatti

Psychoanalysis network
Contact: Professor Vicky Lebeau

Epieikeia: Critical Equity Network
Contact: Nick Piska

Exploring Non-Religious Christian, Jewish and Muslim Identities
Contact: Dr Abby Day

North American Poetics network (NAP)
Contact: Professor Nick Selby

Locating Beckett
Contact: Dr Tom Nickson

CHASE Network in Russian Studies
Contact: Professor Peter Waldron

Medical Humanities Network
Contact: Dr. Jo Winning

Post‐Kantian Value Theory: beyond
relativism and extremism
Contact: Dr Manuel Dries

Situated Methods: Media, Digital Arts, and
Design Practices for Social Change
Contact: Dr Emile Devereaux

Screen Studies Postgraduate Network
Contact: Dr Rachel Moore

Periodical Studies
(yet to take place - event info here)
Contact: Dr Jennie Batchelor

Humanities in Human Rights
Contact: Dr Wendy McMahon

Botanical Conflicts
Contact: Dr Shela Sheikh

The Learned Book Across Borders in the Early-Modern World (1500-1700)
Contact: Dr Thomas Roebuck

Critical Theory and 20 Century Thought
German Thought
Contact: Dr Gordon Finlayson

Contact: Dr Helen Coffey

South East Network for Critical Theory
and 20th Century Thought
Contact: Dr Gordon Finlayson

Sexual Objectification 
Contact: Dr Hans Maes

 Mapping Narratives
Contact: Dr Sarah Wood

Animate Assembly (with Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age)
Contact: Professor Esther Leslie

The Matter of the Archive before 1700
Contact: Anthony Bale

The Promise of Immersion
Contact: Professor Paul Allain

Media Reform Coalition
Contact: Dr Justin Schlosberg

CHASE Graduate School in American Art and Visual Culture
Contact: Professor David Peters Corbett

Postcolonial Literary Studies
Contact: Professor David Johnson