Brett Mottram

University of East Anglia
Award year: 2018
Thesis title: 'Maffeo Vegio's Virgils: Refiguring the "Aeneid" in Fifteenth- and Early-Sixteenth-Century Italy, England and Scotland'

My research project explores the rich variety of ways in which Virgil was read and used in the writings of the important Italian humanist Maffeo Vegio (1407 – 1458). It also situates these writings within the context of contemporary fifteenth-century responses to Virgil (critical, poetic, educational, and visual), and traces the influence of Vegio’s works as they were responded to, in turn, in commentaries, woodcuts, and vernacular translations in the later-fifteenth and early-sixteenth centuries, especially in England and Scotland.

Supervised by: Professor Matt Woodcock, Dr Will Rossiter, Mr Tom Rutledge

Research interests

Most of my research interests relate to the reception of the classical world, especially in the late-medieval and Renaissance periods (however they are defined!). In terms of geography, I concentrate on Italy, England, and whatever other parts of Europe happen to be important in particular cases (often Germany, the Low Countries and Scotland).

More broadly (and going into personal rather than direct research interests), I'm fascinated by cultural and intellectual changes throughout the period between the Fall of the Roman Empire and the time of Milton, from the North Sea to the Atlas Mountains, and from the Atlantic to the Euphrates.

I work mainly with literature, especially poetry, but also look at scholarly works, as well as visual and material culture.

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