Stuart Morrison

University of Kent

Project Title: Writing religion in early modern London: Ephraim Pagitt and the typography of faith

My research will focus on the career and writings of Ephraim Pagitt, a clergyman and author born in 1572. Pagitt served as the rector of St Edmund the King and Martyr, London from 1601 to 1646 and is credited with the first use of the word 'heresiography' as the title of his 1645 book. The aim is to examine areas such as early modern education, religious networks, print trade, text-image relationships, parish identity, and rhetoric using Pagitt's life and biography as the focal centre.

Supervised by Catherine Richardson and Kenneth Fincham.

Research Interests

Early modern literature, book history, rhetoric and logic, religious history, the essay form, academic and intellectual history, text-image relationships, paratexts, biography, identity formation.

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