Ebba Lekvall

University of Essex

Project title: Reparations in times of transition: the extent of the legal obligation of states to apply international standards of reparations when implementing domestic reparations programmes.

My research looks to identify the standards that apply in international law when it comes to reparations for violations of international human rights law, and whether there are circumstances in which non-compliance with international standards  for reparations might be legally justifiable in a transitional justice context in which the state has to address previous mass violations of human rights. The research will also look at whether, if there are such excuses for non-compliance, the state is wholly excused from performing its otherwise international obligation to provide reparations or whether this  means that the state can apply a lower or different standard to reparations, and how this standard could be imagined. This might be particularly important in cases where states wish to implement mass reparations programmes. The research will hopefully be useful no only to advance knowledge in the area, but also to help relevant national and international stakeholders when dealing with competing priorities during transitions justice contexts.  

Supervised by: Dr Clara Sandoval and Dr Sabine Michalowski

About me

Originally from Sweden, I have spent most of the past 12 years outside the country, including in France, the UK, the Netherlands, Thailand, and most recently Kosovo. 

I am a political scientist and human rights lawyer with a deep interest in transitional justice and international criminal law which stems from the war in the former Yugoslavia and the genocide in Rwanda. 

Research interests

Transitional justice, international criminal law, human rights, international humanitarian law, sexual violence in conflict, Burma issues.


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