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Evgeniya Kondrashina

Goldsmiths, University of London

Thesis title: Sounds from beyond the Iron Curtain: Music Recording and Cold War Relations

My topic explores Soviet and Russian classical music recordings in the West during the Cold War. I investigate the routes through which Soviet music recordings came to the West, via an exclusive licensing agreement with the largest Western record company EMI Group in the USA (Capitol Records) and the UK (HMV and Parlophone labels), as well as through imports and recording of Soviet artists on tours to the West. I compare recordings of Soviet and Russian classical music produced in the West and the USSR during the Cold War, with a focus on 1965-1980.

Supervised by Professor Simon McVeigh, Dr Tamsin Alexander, Dr Carla Figueira

Research Interests
Music industry, classical music business, Russian studies

Contact e.kondrashina@gold.ac.uk