Sophie Kelly

University of Kent

Project Title: Imagining the Unimaginable: The Iconography of the Trinity in English Medieval Art c. 1200-1350

My Phd will explore the visual representation of the Trinity (the Christian idea that God is three persons in one) in English art in the period 1200-1350. This research will explore how a concept as abstract and paradoxical as the Trinity came to be visualised in a period of innovation and dynamism in intellectual and visual culture in the later Middle Ages.

Supervised by Dr Alixe Bovey and Dr Ryan Perry.

About me

I'm in the first year of my PhD, after doing an MA, also at Kent, in Medieval and Early Modern Studies.

Research Interests

I am especially interested in the art of the later Middle Ages, but also focus on visual culture, manuscript culture, pictorial narrative, iconography and word-image relations.

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