Helene Kazan

Goldsmiths, University of London

Project Title: (De)constructing Risk: A Domestic Image of the Future.

Supervised by Professor Eyal Weizman.

My research explores risk, as a human-made mechanism for affecting control over the uncontrollable nature of our lived environment. This process, which attempts to calculate, imagine and manage potential threat, becomes a mode of knowledge production that colonises the future through projected realities that affect the present situation. My research focuses on this mechanism for affecting control, as it manifests materially in the formation of the domestic space in Lebanon, arguing that within this context the architecture of the home operates as a platform that registers multiple perceptions of risk, particularly in relation to finance, human conflict and climate change. Examining further, as risk observed as an abstract calculus (real-estate), and as a tangible, bodily threat, breeds a tension that both constructs and deconstructs the image of home as site of security.