Catherine Hoggarth

University of Kent

Project title: Bridges and the City of Rome: The Life and Landscape of a River Crossing (300BC to 150AD)

10 bridges connected and transformed the landscape of ancient Rome. Creating new routes of communication and networks of social interaction, they represent a unique, urban space. Yet dedicated research is scarce and largely focused on the technical and chronological. In the light of recent developments in the study of Roman urbanism, Rome’s own Cinderella's require re-examination. My thesis will be the first systematic appraisal of this subject to connect the bridges, the Tiber and the people of Rome. Thus, my research will place the action of crossing the Tiber, the building of bridges, and river traffic at the centre of how we understand life in the city of Rome in antiquity.

Supervised by Prof. Ray Laurence, Dr. Eleanor Betts.

About me

I am a mature student, I previously held jobs in both the security services and the financial industry. I had a passion for ancient history so embarked on an undergraduate degree in history and archaeology at Birkbeck while working. I was then lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship at the University of Kent to study a Masters in Ancient history with a term in Rome.

Research Interests

My current interests focus on the topology of Rome and movement within the city. Areas often overlooked within the city, such as the Forum Boarium and the Tiber are of particular interest as they were key all walks of society. The use of space and sensory studies is also key for my project.

Twitter @chogga1