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Student Advisory Group

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About CHASE Student Advisory Group

Student Advisory Group (SAG) represents the interests of all CHASE students.

With a representative from each institution, SAG is your voice within CHASE. SAG works with the CHASE Management Board to develop the projects you need for your PhD development, put forward any queries or concerns about your funding, your institution or your training - you can always speak to a member of SAG.

Historically, SAG has successfully worked with CHASE to develop clearer funding guidelines, propose the Brief Encounters CHASE Journal, refine CHASE training workshops, address student concerns about teaching hours and help develop Encounters into a vital networking and development event. SAG is currently being consulted on post-PhD employability workshops and on the creation of a CHASE alumni network. The minutes of all SAG meetings are available on the VRE and the ‘CHASE DTP’ Facebook group.

Alongside each institutional representative, there are four elected positions within SAG: the Chair, who ensures SAG functions according to the terms of reference; the Secretary, who organises SAG meetings and prepares the agenda and the minutes; the Treasurer, who is responsible for the SAG budget and spending; and the Web Officer, who is responsible for communication between SAG and the consortium. Contact details are below.

How to join

Members of SAG are elected to their position every year. Calls for nominations are sent out in January and the new SAG is formed in April. For the most up-to-date information on your institutional representative look at the ‘CHASE DTP’ Facebook group, or the SAG webpage

Contact your SAG rep