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Important information

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Terms and conditions

All CHASE studentships are governed by the following:

RCUK Conditions of Research Council Training Grants 

AHRC Training Grant Funding Guide

In addition to the terms above, CHASE studentships are awarded subject to the following requirements:

1. All CHASE-funded students must comply with the appropriate regulations of their home institution.

2. All CHASE-funded students are required to attend all Encounters conferences.

3. All CHASE-funded students are required to complete the Training Needs Questionnaire.

4. All CHASE-funded students are required to provide information for their profile on the CHASE website.

The terms of individual student awards can be found in the Award Letter. Please contact your local CHASE administrator for more information.


CHASE – Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England.

DTP – Doctoral Training Partnership. An organisation (usually a group of university institutions) providing innovative training environments for doctoral level research, with the opportunity for PhD students to undertake broader training or development opportunities, such as language proficiency, overseas research visits, or placements with non-academic partners.

AHRCArts and Humanities Research Council. The national funding body for research in arts and humanities, the AHRC is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy , along with the other UK Research Councils.

Non-HEI – Non-Higher Education Institution. CHASE Non-HEI partners are listed here.

Management Board – the CHASE Management Board comprises academic and administrative leads for member institutions, as well as student and non-HEI partner representatives. It manages the operation of the DTP.

TDGTraining and Development Group. The TDG oversees the CHASE training programmes and other training and development provision, including Encounters conferences and student placements.

SAG – Student Advisory Group

RTSGResearch Training Support Grant.

SDFStudent Development Fund.  

RDF Planner – Based on the Vitae Researcher Development Framework, the RDF planner is a professional development tool for researchers. Your login will be sent to you within the first few weeks of your studentship.  

Administrative Lead – Each CHASE institution has a lead contact in professional services who, along with their teams, works closely with the CHASE team to advise on local policy and provide cohort information.

Encounters – CHASE biannual one day conference. More information here.


Q How do I go about arranging an event/ conference/workshop/training programme aimed at CHASE students?
A Contact the CHASE team who will discuss your ideas with you and advise on making a formal funding application.

Q Can CHASE help with the promotion of my event that would be of interest to the wider CHASE cohort?
A Yes, there is an online form available that allows you to send information for publication on the CHASE website and circulation via a monthly bulletin and Facebook.

Q Is my studentship taxable? Do I need to declare it on my HMRC Self-Assessment tax return?
A No, your studentship is tax-free.

Q What is the policy for teaching during my studentship?
A CHASE studentships do not include any expectation that holders will teach. Any teaching should therefore be arranged via a separate contract with your institution. Please consult your local administrator for your institution’s policy on graduate student teaching, and see also RCUK’s Training Grant Guidance.

Q What are the expectations surrounding paid work?
A Students may also undertake a small amount of other paid work, provided the supervisors give consent and it does not delay or interfere with the research project. Please check with your institution before embarking on paid work.

Q What additional funding is available?
A CHASE-funded students can access financial support for their research costs, training and personal development, and travel to CHASE events. Read the guidelines here.

Q I am attending one of the CHASE training and development programmes, can I claim travel expenses?
A Yes. Please use your institution's procedures the claiming these expenses. Attendance at CHASE led training including Encounters does not require prior approval.

Q When will I receive my stipend payments?
A Please contact the administrator at your local institution

Q How can I put forward a proposal for a placement?
A Contact the Placements and Partnerships Officer with an outline of a project you wish to develop:

Q Who do I contact with regards to maternity/paternity leave, interruption, or changing my mode of study from full time/ part time or vice versa?
A Please get in touch with your institutional contact.


CHASE is a two-way conversation. Here’s how it works:

Email bulletin
We know you get a lot of emails. We promise not to fill your inbox with spam; in return, we ask that when we do write to you, you open it and read it.  Each month we will send you the CHASE email bulletin, with details of funding opportunities, training programmes, CHASE events and other initiatives happening across the consortium that should be of interest to you. The bulletin is a great way to tell others about your new article/blog/event – just email enquiries@ or complete the contributor form and we will spread the word.

CHASE Community
The Community page on the CHASE website will link you to events, blogs and news. You can participate by emailing

The Community page has a calendar showing CHASE training, conferences, and other events of note, usually with booking information. You can add your event using the online form.

Join the CHASE DTP Facebook group and follow @CHASE_DTP on Twitter for regular updates and to make contact with other CHASE funded students.


CHASE Administrative leads
Contact for studentship funding, stipend payments, progress, non-academic matters and other areas relating directly to your PhD

CHASE Academic leads
Your first point of contact relating to academic matters will be your supervisor. You can also refer to your director of doctoral or graduate studies if necessary – see your institutional handbook - or your CHASE academic lead:

Student Advisory Group
The CHASE Student Advisory Group (SAG) consists of nine CHASE-funded students, one from each member institution as well as up to nine others across the consortium.

Central CHASE Team
The CHASE team, based at the University of Sussex, co-ordinates the activities of the Doctoral Training Partnership. We provide central resources and systems, and work closely with colleagues across the member institutions to help staff and students access CHASE opportunities as easily as possible. We are here to support you and your research.