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CHASE Essentials: Writing and Giving Conference Papers (Josie Dixon)

Writing and Giving Conference Papers in the Arts and Humanities

A two-part workshop on writing and giving conference papers which combines an introduction to academic conferences, writing abstracts and preparing presentations, with a practical session on the second day (run as a mock-conference) in which the participants have the opportunity to rehearse the delivery of sample presentations, handle questions and receive feedback. Josie has given this workshop in over 30 universities in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Please note: you will need to prepare a short (5-minute) sample presentation on some aspect of your research, for delivery on the second day.  This should be representative (in miniature) of the type of presentation you would expect to give in due course at a real conference.  PowerPoint files will need to be brought to the session on a memory stick, and if you would like to have a handout, please bring multiple copies.

Reviews of workshop

University of East Anglia

  • ‘It was perfect.  Very comprehensive - great workshop’

  • 'Spot on.  Well organised and excellent facilitation.   Thank you.  Well worth 2 days of your time.'

  • 'Perfect combination of constructive criticism and supportive environment'

  • 'Brilliant workshop.  Wonderful feedback in a relaxed and supportive environment.  It should be compulsory to attend this.'

The London Consortium

  • ‘Very valuable, well paced, full of little gems of useful information’

  • ‘a perfect opportunity for constructive, helpful feedback. I have taken much away from these sessions. There is nothing quite like having a go at something to increase one's confidence, and this was a great way to do that. I definitely recommend it.’

University of Durham

  • ‘This invaluably helpful workshop boosts paper presentation skills enormously. The whole process of exchanging feedback, talking through individual problems, and keeping the presentations as conference-like as possible was absolutely great!’

University College, Dublin

  • ‘an incredibly useful exercise. I thought the workshop to be a very positive experience, as I find that one rarely gets feedback elsewhere. I would highly recommend this workshop.’

Terms and conditions

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If you are allocated a place but can no longer attend, please email so that your place can be reallocated. CHASE training is free to attend and events are often oversubscribed with a waiting list. Failure to notify us of non-attendance in good time (ideally 5 days prior to the workshop/programme) means your place cannot be reallocated and may result in your access to future CHASE training being restricted.