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CHASE Essentials: Writing Articles for Publication in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Writing Articles for International Publication in Peer-Reviewed Journals 

A one-day workshop suitable for researchers in the UK and USA aiming to publish in peer-reviewed journals. The course is designed to develop skills with practical advice and exercises on presenting a scholarly argument and highlighting your contribution to the field. It includes valuable insights into what journal editors look for, the peer-review process, and the production and afterlife of a journal article, with implications for what to submit.

The workshop is best suited to those in the latter stages of a PhD.

Please note, the assumption is that those who register for the training will be working on an article in progress, so that they can do the various exercises (e.g. identifying the readership and how they will benefit, testing out their argument against journal editors’ key criteria, etc) with reference to a particular piece of work.

Reviews for this workshop

University of East Anglia

  • 'Brilliant.  If you want to come away from a one-day workshop feeling inspired to run straight for your computer to write, then make time for Josie's workshop.  It covers every aspect imaginable.'

  • 'Unmissable expert workshop by a skilled presenter who has range and depth.  Brilliant.  This is the best workshop I have attended for ages.  A tonic and inspiration.'

  • 'Fantastic - an excellent guide to the state of play in academic journal publishing.'

  • 'Hands-on, highly interactive and stimulating, with lots of tips and good advice - thank you!'

  • 'The best I have attended yet, and I have attended quite a lot...  Absolutely recommended.'

  • 'Imperative for anyone who is serious about publishing their work.'

University of Sussex

  • ‘Fantastic!  Really eye-opening, informative and very applicable.  In 4 years of postgraduate education, this has easily been the best workshop I've attended.’

  • ‘Really couldn't have been better.  Fantastically engaging.’

  • ‘An invaluable workshop that draws on a career's worth of experience.  My journal submissions would have been risible without attending it.’

Birkbeck College, London

  • ‘Excellent.  Really well structured, pertinent and interactive.'

  • ‘Absolutely recommended.  An excellent way of making the transition from a PhD mentality to a publishing mentality.’

  • ‘Informative, balanced and well-structured.’

Terms and conditions

The following groups are eligible to attend the training

By registering below you are requesting a place on this training programme or selected sessions that form part of the programme. A member of the CHASE team or the workshop leader will contact you in due course to confirm that a place has been allocated to you.

If you are allocated a place but can no longer attend, please email so that your place can be reallocated. CHASE training is free to attend and events are often oversubscribed with a waiting list. Failure to notify us of non-attendance in good time (ideally 5 days prior to the workshop/programme) means your place cannot be reallocated and may result in your access to future CHASE training being restricted.