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Workshops for Supervisors: Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing in Doctoral Supervision

Half-day interactive workshop for supervisors

The exact location will be confirmed in an email after being allocated a place on the training

A recent study by the University of California suggested that 47% of PhD students were living with depression; this rose to 64% in the Arts & Humanities. In Higher Education we have a collective responsibility to promote the wellbeing of both our students and each other.

This workshop is designed to offer practical advice, tools, and ideas for creating a supportive environment for everyone involved in the doctoral supervision process.

By the end of the session attendees will have:

  • A greater understanding of the challenges posed by mental health issues

  • An awareness of the different mental health conditions

  • Coaching techniques for improving wellbeing

  • Strategies for protecting themselves and colleagues

  • Tools for reflection and further development


1.      Introduction

a.      Context of mental health and wellbeing in HE

b.      What are the specific mental health challenges for PhD students and their supervisors?

2.      The Mental Health & Wellbeing Continuum

a.      Understanding the relationship between mental health and wellbeing

b.      Group activity with Case Studies

3.       Understanding Specific Mental Health Issues

a.      How do mental health issues affect us?

b.      Suicide awareness & prevention

c.       Signposting appropriate services & protecting yourself

d.       Group activity using scenarios based on real anonymised cases

4.       Promoting Good Mental Health & Wellbeing

a.       Coaching techniques for Supervisors

b.       Improving communication with The Drama Triangle versus The Winner’s Triangle

c.       Group activity on embedding wellbeing at different stages of the researcher lifecycle.

5.       Next Steps

a.       Tools for Reflection

b.       Action Plan

c.       Signposting of further training & support

d.       Summary & Tips


About the Facilitator

Dr Catherine Pope has run over 140 workshops for research students and academic staff across many universities. Since completing her PhD at the University of Sussex in 2014, she has worked as a lecturer, researcher developer, and freelance trainer.

Terms and conditions

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