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Sound Proofs

  • RHB 312, Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths, University of London (map)

SOUND PROOFS is a one-day CHASE workshop that brings a diverse set of participants together to reflect upon the ways in which the sonic realm both engages in forms of contemporary truth production and is in turn conditioned by new forms of governance and corporate oversight; thus shifting the emphasis away from the visual as the means by which public claims might be expressed or overturned. For example, every asylum request sought in the UK requires the asylum seeker to provide an on-the-spot voice recording that is submitted (outsourced) to a forensic voice analysis lab in Sweden to ascertain the truth of the claimant’s application as corroborated by their regional accent. Although we are very familiar with images that raise provocations in their quests to mobilise publics or perhaps to shock, sometimes resulting in their legal censure, much less critical attention has been directed towards sound and the modes by which it too is being enlisted in campaigns to control and order the social.