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Supporting PhD Students: Practical Tips for Improving the Supervisory and Doctoral Experience

Are you a PhD supervisor or about to become one? If so, this half-day interactive workshop provides you with practical tips, resources, and ideas for improving the supervisory relationship.

Through group discussion and exercises, we’ll address the key challenges of supporting research students throughout their PhD and guiding them to successful completion. Topics include coaching techniques, academic writing, and managing the impact of mental health issues.


By the end of the session you’ll have:

  • A greater understanding of the resources and wider support available to PGRs

  • Ideas for addressing specific supervisory issues

  • Templates for managing doctoral progress

  • Guidance on performing a Training Needs Analysis

  • An awareness of the diverse needs of PGRs

This workshop does not cover recruitment, regulations, or the examination process.

About the Facilitator

Dr Catherine Pope has run over 140 workshops for research students and academic staff across many universities. Since completing her PhD at the University of Sussex in 2014, she has worked as a lecturer, researcher developer, and freelance trainer.