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MARs Session LIQUID BODIES-WORLDS (Prep Session 3: Performance and writing workshop)

  • MARs Research Hub, Goldsmiths College, Seminar Space (Room 5) London, SE14 6NW (map)

The MARs Session LIQUID BODIES-WORLDS is a series of seminars, research and practice-led activity that explores artistic, poetic and philosophical approaches to the notion of “liquidity”. Our focus is on questions of methodology and practice in relation to states of immersion and transition. We will address the implications of ideas of liquidity through field trips, workshops, performances and seminars with guest artists and theorists held across the Spring and Summer Terms.

While there have been a number of events and a burgeoning literature surrounding watery ecologies, the oceanic and the liquid that emerges in relation to the social sciences and the environmental humanities, Liquid Bodies-Worlds is designed to engage with the field of artistic practice through engaging with questions of “liquidity” as an immersive experience of being-in-the-world and its implications for practice; questions of how to write from states of immersion, how to work from the body immersed in experience.

Approaching liquidity as a form of horizontal relation between bodies is not only to prioritise the experience and the becoming of the body in relation to other bodies (swarms, schools, smacks to use watery analogies here) but also to ask key questions of the body in its becoming – that is, to examine entanglements with fictions, technologies, finance and pharmacologies. How do we think, write or act within the immersion of these entanglements? How might we conceive of a body outside of the human, and outside of our own lived experiences? Do we want to?

Prep Session 1: Wet Rest, led by Lucy A Sames
Prep Session 2: Machines, molecularity and the ‘turbulent body’, led by Dr Bridget Crone
Prep Session 3: Performance and writing workshop, led by Kate Pickering with guest Anna Barham
MAIN SESSION: To be held during Summer Term (date t.b.c.)

IMAGE CAPTION: Anna Barham, Double Screen (not quite tonight jellylike), 2013, 2 channel HD video, 32 minutes