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Monday 16 July: Behind the mystique: what academic writing is, and how to get better at it

SOAS, University of London

This one-day workshop is for any student who wants to write more clearly and stylishly within their discipline. It strips down academic writing to its fundamentals. Students explore:

  • what academic writing is and what it's for
  • how you see yourself as a writer (your 'writer identity')
  • what 'good' looks like, and how this varies by discipline
  • the writing process: thinking, planning, drafting and editing
  • developing good writing practice
  • top tips (to avoid common writing pitfalls)

This course is facilitated by two professional writers. Every participant will get one-to-one feedback on a sample of their academic writing, including specific suggestions about how to improve.

Deadline to register - Monday 2 July - 5 p.m.