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Broadcast Media Training - extra date added due to demand

  • Birkbeck, University of London (map)

Broadcast Media Training

Extra date added - 13 June  - please register here

with Rachel Shabi: journalist, broadcaster, trainer -

This one day training with award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster,Rachel Shabi is "designed to ensure that the next time you address a live mic or a rolling camera, you’re equipped to get your message across effectively." 

Throughout the day you will look at the current media landscape, types of interview, and how best to prepare for an interview; as well as how best to communicate your messages, how to deal with a hostile media environment and how to build a rapport with your audience using body language, tone and style.

You will have the opportunity to then record an interview and watch back with feedback.

Space is very limited so you are encouraged to book quickly.


Morning session (with coffee break)

  • Introduction and goals / challenges
  • Media landscape: how can we use it to work for us; what are the rules of engagement
  • Types of interview: a run through the different kinds of interview and what you should know about each one
  • Preparation: how best to prepare for an interview, from the moment you agree to it, right through to moments before it takes place
  • Intro to messaging and knowing your audience
  • What makes a good interview: we’ll look at some examples and break down why they work

––––­­­­­­­­–––––lunch break–––––––––

Afternoon session (with coffee break)

  • How to communicate key messages, control the framing and stay on message
  • Techniques for mastering media interviews, including backtracking, bridging (we will look at examples of each method)
  • Dealing with a hostile media environment and awkward questions; recovering from awkward answers on air - with good/bad examples
  • Body language, tone and style: how managing these will help build rapport with your audience
  • Recorded mock interviews and the chance to watch back with feedback
  • Look at any issues or questions that have come up during the day
  • Look ahead and wrap up: what can be taken from this session into the workplace