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Aesthetics in the Anthropocene

  • University of Sussex (map)

Aesthetics in the Anthropocene - call for papers

10-11 April | University of Sussex
This is a two-day event which forms part of the Critical Points week organized by the University of Sussex on 9-13 April 2018.

‘Aesthesis’ in its primary sense means ‘sensation’. It is an embodied perception of an environment – all that surrounds us. In our current historical moment in which climate change has arisen as the most pressing and seemingly insurmountable global issue, bodily apprehension seems to fall short of providing an adequate response to the crisis. However, recent turns in the creative arts have asserted the importance of reacquainting ourselves, not just intellectually but bodily and imaginatively, with the non-human other upon which our own survival depends; and relatedly, philosophy and criticism have placed new emphases on the material constructions of life and matter, in order to challenge an outdated subject/object binary between human and non-human.

This training event will explore how the humanities engages with the concepts of aesthesis/aesthetics in the Anthropocene. As such, the training event has two principal aims: to develop participants’ understanding of the historical relationship between ecology and aesthetics; and to identify new methodologies for writing critically about ecology, the non-human, and environment.