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CHASE Scientific Approaches to the Study of the Past

  • University of Kent (map)

Monday 5 - Tuesday 6 June
University of Kent

The CHASE Scientific Approaches to the Past programme will bring together historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, palaeo-scientists (palaeo-climatologists, palaeo-pathologists, palaeo-geneticists, etc), and engage them in a scientific dialogue about various topics related to the study of the human past. The main aim of this exciting and path-breaking course is to raise the scholarly awareness of the importance of such a dialogue between historians and ‘scientists’ (broadly defined). 

The programme will run as a two-day summer school, commencing on the morning of 5 June (9am) and ending around 7pm on 6th June. Each of the two days will consist of three sessions, dedicated to different fields of inquiry. The sessions will include presentations by invited speakers, followed by brain-storming discussions, involving both speakers and PhD students. The programme will culminate in summing up the areas covered by the speakers.

The summer school will include presentations by some distinguished and pioneering scholars, including Prof. Greger Larson (Oxford), Prof. Matthew Collins (University of York)Dr. Sharon DeWitte (University of South Carolina)Dr. Julia Beaumond (Bradford)Dr. Francis Ludlow (Trinity College, Dublin)Dr. Naomi Sykes (Nottingham)Dr. Tim Newfield (Georgetown University, Washington)Dr. Joanne Clarke (University of East Englia)Dr. Chris Deter (University of Kent)Prof. Dominik Fleitmann (University of Reading) and Dr. Rob Wilson (University of St Andrews). In their cutting-edge research, these scholars fundamentally redefine the paradigm of the study of the past in particular and of interdisciplinary science in general.   

After completing the course, you will be able to understand and analyse multi-disciplinary and scientific data in a critical manner and apply various innovative and cutting-edge methodologies to your own ongoing research. This will raise your awareness of the importance of the consilient and cross-disciplinary approach to the study of the historical past, whereby scholars from different fields are engaged in collaborative research and each field has a strong potential to shed a unique light and solve various scholarly challenges. This reflects the vision of ‘future humanities’, embraced and shared by scholars of the past from various disciplines.

Deadline to register Saturday 15 April

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