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"Space, Place, and Time” Reading Groups Critical Excursions

  • First reading group Turbine Hall Tate Modern (map)


“Critical Excursions: Continued Navigation Through Space, Place, and Time” is a monthly interdisciplinary exchange programme that aims to expand on the ideas, concepts, and practices that were first conceived during the SPT Nida Sandpit. This project will bring together a number of CHASE researchers from diverse disciplines to engage in a series of monthly, site-specific ‘critical excursions’.

 The programme aims to create a platform for the continued interdisciplinary exchange of practice and knowledge. Through site-specific, ‘in-situ’ reading groups, participants will work toward developing new meeting points for theory and practice based research. Specifically, the project will expand on the notion of the ‘critical excursion’, first engaged with during the Sandpit. It will offer alternative ways of engaging with text beyond those offered by more conventional reading groups, and work to promote and explore the practices of academic generosity.

The project is open to 15 CHASE funded and non-funded students from CHASE institutions per reading group, to meet regularly and develop new methodological approaches to supplement the existing research in the field of space, place and time. Organised by the ‘SPT Research Collective’, the project will follow a bottom-up investigative approach, in which the discussion of text and material will be set against specific locations and places of relevance. The site/ location itself will become the point of question, discussion and experimentation in relation to the set text(s).

Places are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, via the online sign-up sheet. Each monthly excursion will run as a separate event (February 24th – Tate Modern, “Parreno”; Questioning the White Cube is now live), and the other events will follow in due course.

There is no requirement for students to commit to the entire five-month schedule, rather, you are welcome to sign up to as many or as few events as are of interest; (full schedule below).  

Future dates (not open for registration yet)

March 31st – London Mappening

April 28th – Whitechapel: Changing landscapes of the ‘East End’; a clash of histories?

May 26th – A Dockland’s walk

June 29th – Norwich Shoe Factory, Industrial learning