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Magical Mapping

  • Sussex Humanities Lab, Silverstone SB211 University of Sussex BN1 9NZ (map)

Magical Mapping is part of the wider CHASE training programme Mapping Narratives.
To apply for the programme, please use the link below

Magical Mapping will be led by Nicholas Royle, Caroline Bassett and Tim Hitchcock, University of Sussex with additional input from Sarah Wood, University of Kent, among others. It will enable CHASE supervisors, supervisees and other interested parties to discuss, exchange and develop thoughts concerned not so much with studying maps as with creating them. In what ways does mapping entail a kind of magic? What role does magical thinking, for example, have in the context of the structure and construction, the reading and reception of literary works? How might the idea of ‘magical mapping’ illuminate the ways in which we approach history and historiography? And how might ‘magical mapping’ work in the context of the digital humanities?