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August seminars - Saas-Fee, Switzerland
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October seminars - Valetta, Malta
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For the first time, we are offering three CHASE funded doctoral researchers a unique opportunity to take part in a series of seminar groups that brings together renowned philosophers, critical theorists, artists, and practitioners; offering seminars for students seeking a unique intellectual experience.

Footage from both Malta and Switzerland

Established in the Swiss mountains in 1994 by a non-profit foundation, The European Graduate School was created to be an academic institution that would function beyond the many constraints of traditional disciplinary structure while stimulating work leading to respected and well-recognised academic degrees. It seeks to keep alive a spirit of free enquiry devoted to supporting creating practice as well as intellectual exchange of the highest level directed to the most pressing issues of our time.

Jean-Luc Nancy discusses his lecture "Into the Darkness".

CHASE funded students are invited to apply to attend one of the seminars listed below. Please select which location and which seminar you would lie to attend. Please use the form to demonstrate why you feel this would benefit both you and your research. The CHASE Training and Development Group will select the three best candidates to attend their chosen seminar.

A condition of attending a seminar is that you are required to produce a short paper and present at the Encounters conference, please consider this when you apply. Participation in a webinar for the nominated applicants will also be required. The webinar will enable candidates to find out more about EGS and ask questions of a regular attendee of EGS.

While there is a high degree of variation in the seminars depending on the thinker, EGS is a non-traditional educational experience that attracts world-leading, original thinkers to engage in intensive discussions about their research in progress. As a participant in the seminar, you are expected to be familiar with both the historical work of the thinker and more recent lines of inquiry, in order to get as much out of the interaction as possible. Rather than a typical teacher-student hierarchy guiding the seminar experience, a higher degree of independence is expected. You should be prepared to engage with the other thinkers in the seminar as peers, to participate in dialogue with all of the attendees about their work, including the seminar leader, and to bring your own work into the discussion.

Please note: The seminars are an opportunity to get an insider’s look, first-hand, at a thinker’s most recent work, around topics that are relevant and timely, rather than to review historical material that one can find elsewhere.

Once one has signed up for a seminar, there typically is a web platform that directs participants to relevant readings in preparation for the topic but this is likely to be ‘light touch’ and does not substitute for a researcher’s own investigation about how the thinker’s work connects with one’s own.

Saas-Fe, Switzerland
Switzerland, Saas-Fe, is a communal experience. The accommodation is booked centrally, all attendees stay in the same place and meals are taken as a group.

You can find out more about the campus here.

Evening Lectures in Malta: Judith Butler

Evening Lectures in Malta: Manthia Diawara: 



Seminar option 1

Seminar option 2

3-7 August

Fred Moten, Denise Ferreira da Silva and Manthia Diawara: Black Thought: Physics, Poetics, Sociology


7-11 August

Peter Szendy

Robert Brewer Young: The Thinking of Craft: Poiesis, Politics and Praxis

11-15 August

Karen Barad: Infinity, Nothingness, and the Undoing of the Self

Branislav Jakovljevic: Performance Apparatus

15-19 August

Terry Smith

Elie During

19-23 August

Catherine Malabou: Philosophy and Anarchy

Siegfried Zielinski: VARIATIONS ON MEDIA THINKING AnArchaeology - Deep Time - Expanded Hermeneutics Apparatus

23-26 August

Christopher Fynsk

Caveh Zahedi with guest TBA: How To Read a Film

Valletta, Malta
Malta is a more independent experience. Accommodation and meals will are organised separately by participants. CHASE will be able to assist with accommodation. You can find out more about the campus here.

Evening Lecture in Saas-Fee: Siegfried Zielinski

Keelyn Bradley discusses his experiences as a student at EGS and the accessibility of faculty.



Seminar option 1

Seminar option 2

8-12 October

Blockchain and Quantum Economy: Toward an Alternative Economic Thought Sha Xin Wei, Niklaus Dimitris, J.P. Huang, Christopher Fynsk, Natalie Smolenski, Elie During (and others to be announced)

Jean-Luc Nancy

12-15 October

Angela Davis, Gina Dent, Manthia Diawara: Black Thought

Terri Geis: Surrealism (Precise title to be announced)

16-20 October

Keller Easterling


20-24 October



24-28 October

Achille Mbembe / Sarah Nuttall

Christopher Fynsk: The Rhythmic Figure

28 Oct - 1 Nov

Thomas Keenan: Human Rights

Theatre Workshop and Event on Comino

Please note, only CHASE funded students are eligible to apply.

*Please note that seminar schedules and participants are subject to change and we will endeavor to keep this up to date but would invite you to refer to the EGS website for the most up to date source of information