CHASE Encounters conference, University of Kent

11th and 12th July, Sibson Building

Guide to breakout sessions
Day two
Professional development workshops (14.00 to 15.30)

Chi Kung with Prof. Paul Allain (Dean of the University of Kent Graduate School) (outdoors, Jarman 1)

To participate in this session, please report to meeting point A promptly for 13.50.

Chi Kung is a sequence of exercises that promotes wellbeing. Simple movements encourage the circulation of energy in the body by releasing blockages in the joints. It also allows the participants to focus on breathing, leading to a heightened, concentrated and calm state. Chi Kung is suitable for everyone, irrespective of any previous experience in bodywork: Paul Allain is Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Theatre and Performance at Kent. He has used Chi Kung in his own professional actor training practice as well as with students. 

Please Note: Participants should bring loose clothes (not jeans) and water to drink.

Diversity in body and mind (seminar room 4, Sibson building)

The Diversity (in Body and Mind) group was created in November 2018 to offer an alternative space for CHASE students and academics. The group, proposed as a creative hub, to reach out to - but is not limited to - those with physical and mental diversity, including mental health issues. All are welcome. It is the aim of this session to establish the purpose of the group going forward, facilitate links to other networks, and to offer a space that is an open and inclusive feature of CHASE Encounters.

Emotional wellbeing with Self Space (seminar room 6, Sibson building)

This workshop with Self Space will provide an opportunity for participants to pause, connect and reflect on feelings and emotional wellbeing. We will spend time thinking about and discussing how we manage stress, identify burnout, stay nourished, and take care of ourselves. There will be a focus on personal process and self reflection. Expect an open, supportive and informal environment.

How to shut up and write with Catherine Pope (seminar room 2, Sibson building)

Are you struggling to make progress with your academic writing? Does your thesis keep ending up at the bottom of your to-do list? Do you find yourself easily distracted? If so, this session can help you get back on track. Through group discussion and exercises, we’ll cover: Identifying and protesting your writing time; Minimising distractions and improving focus; Silencing your inner critic and making progress; Monitoring and motivating yourself; Developing your own writing process. 

How to tame your supervisor with Dr Julie Anderson and Dr Emily Bartlett (lecture theatre 1, Sibson building)

Supervisory relationships are an integral aspect of completing a PhD. Whilst the supervisor-postgraduate relationship is often rewarding, like any relationship, challenges arise from time to time: students may disagree with their supervisors’ opinions, or struggle to communicate their needs to their supervisory team. This session provides a supportive space where PhD candidates can discuss their concerns, and learn how to address these in a constructive manner. By the end of the session attendees will: feel more confident communicating their questions, comments and concerns to their supervisors; understand the basics of ‘managing upward’, and receive feedback on concerns specific to their PhD and supervisory relationship.

The art of mindfulness with Frances Stanfield (outdoors)

To participate in this session, please report to meeting point B promptly for 13.45.

The act of drawing is a mindful activity in itself and can have many benefits to our health and well-being. It naturally helps concentrate and centre our mind especially when we approach drawing as a process free from expectation. Frances Stanfield from London Drawing Group will be guiding you through a number of drawing exercises that help bring awareness to your body, breath and thoughts. These will be mindful drawing techniques that you can take away with you and practice in your own time.

Brief Encounters (seminar room 3, Sibson building)

Join the Brief Encounters Editorial Board to find out more about the journal and its aims. The session will provide you with an overview of the journal, the various roles on the Editorial Board, and the types of submissions that the journal welcomes. The session will be valuable to anyone thinking of publishing in the journal or joining the Editorial Board in future.

Mindfulness walk with Mind It (outdoors)

To participate in this session, please report to meeting point C promptly for 13.45.

Join us for a mindful walk across campus! Discover a new way of walking mindfully and the wisdom of the sights and sounds around you. Get ready to see things you have never seen before while walking down the same path. On this one-hour guided walk, you will experience Mindfulness in different places and while walking. The short exercises we do awaken the Heart (emotional energy), Mind (mental energy), Body (physical energy) and Soul (creative energy). You will begin to let go of being busy Doing and discover instead a new way of Being, just by walking and being in the moment.

Please note: This session will include some walking and may not be suitable for students with mobility issues.

Pets as Therapy (outdoors/gazebo)

To participate in this session, please report to meeting point D promptly for 13.45.

Since it was established in 1983, Pets As Therapy has been at the forefront of community based Animal Assisted Therapy across the length and breadth of the UK. Today, Pets As Therapy is the largest organisation of its kind in Europe enhancing thousands of lives every single day. Join some of our friendly therapy dogs and their handlers to decompress from the stresses of academic life and learn about the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.

Please note: This session will involve close contact with dogs. Participants should be considerate about the needs of the animals and follow instructions from handlers at all times.