Lee Christien


Birkbeck, University of London

Project title: 'Captives of Classification: Unlocking the representations of animals from the Daily Occurrences, library and cages of London Zoo'.

The theme of my project is classification. The subject is the Zoo and its internal systems of classification (the diaries, the library, the collection and display of live animals). The primary sources I am examining in the thesis are documents that could be described as the institutional diaries of the Zoo. They recorded, on a daily basis, information including: the arrivals and departures of the animals, the work and workers required to maintain the collection and the conditions of the cages. My approach to these diaries as a creative writer embraces the quotidian, banal and repetitive nature of the daily pro-formas.

Supervised by Richard Hamblyn

About me
I am really excited to have been given the opportunity to pursue a full time PhD and contribute to my subject but also to the wider fields of research and discourse in the Arts and Humanities. 

Research interests

My research interests include notions of:
-The relationship between Language, design and power.  

Contact Lee: lchris06@mail.bbk.ac.uk