Supervisor Database

We at the CHASE consortium would love to showcase more clearly the many brilliant potential supervisors with whom CHASE-funded doctoral students might work. You may be new to a CHASE institution, or you may wish your academic profile to be more directly visible to prospective CHASE students; either way, if you would like your profile and a description of your expertise please use the form below,enter your details and press submit. Your information will be freely accessible to students searching for a supervisor so be sure to check the box giving consent for this. Please check too all the boxes that seem relevant to your research area. 

If you have links to cultural or industrial partners you could envisage engaging in a CHASE-funded Collaborative Doctoral Award (where the non-HEI partner contributes to a doctoral project), would you please add those details too? 

Our aim is to have representation of supervisors across the consortium on the database for the 2020 studentship competition. If you could please add your details by
mid-January 2020 in preparation for when students will be looking to approach a potential supervisor. We will make the database public earlier if this is achieved. We want to keep all our information “current,” so CHASE will contact you in September 2020 to ensure you wish to remain on this list.

Once you have completed the form, please press submit. Within a few days of completing the form, we will send you a summary of the information that you entered (for your record).