CHASE Creative Writing Residency 2019

10 - 17 June 2019

A fully-funded week at a luxurious estate in bucolic Cheshire for ten writers to work on and workshop creative projects and make friends. 

The Residency

The Residency is a one-week program for creative writing PhD students from 10th to 17th June 2019 at Scarlet Hall in Cheshire. The week allows for plenty of writing time, daily two-hour student-led workshops and time as well for conversation, rest and relaxation.

The Venue

Accommodation will be in Scarlet Hall, a luxurious twelve-acre estate in Cheshire with individual bedrooms for participants and plenty of shared social space including an indoor pool, sauna, games room, orchard and meadow. Food, bedlinen and towels will be provided.

Each participant may claim a refund for travel costs from the Chase support fund made available through the Chase representative for their respective institution. This applies to Chase and non-Chase participants.

What is expected from participants

Each participant will be required to chair a workshop or part of a workshop. For each workshop, each participant will be required to read and comment on material submitted by other participants and to return a marked-up script to each workshoppee. Each participant will be workshopped once and will be expected to submit up to five thousand words of prose, twenty-five pages of script or five pages of poetry for that purpose. Material must be circulated by no later than the 30th of April.                                   

Participants will in pairs be required to prepare one evening meal for the group and to help generally with cooking and keeping the house tidy, though daily cleaning will be arranged of the communal spaces. Each participant will be required to prepare one blog post on a specified day or part of the residency to be published on the Chase website.

More generally, as much as this is an opportunity for each participant to develop their own work, it is as importantly an opportunity to support others with work and build a community of writers for future support and accordingly, tolerance, a collegial spirit and an interest in learning and supporting are both critical. The Residency will suit those who are open to engaging with fellow writers and to creative feedback.


10th June (5pm) - Arrival, welcome, introductions

11th June (am) - Independent work

11th June (pm) - Workshop 1

12th June (am) - Independent work

12th June (pm) - Workshop 2

13th June (am) - Independent work

13th June (pm) - Workshop 3

14th June (am) - Independent work

14th June (pm) - Workshop 4

15th June (am) - Independent work

15th June (pm) - Workshop 5

16th June (am) - Independent work

16th June (pm) - Review workshopping methods

17th June (10am) - Departures

The application process

This residency is open to applicants who are on creative/critical or purely creative writing PhDs at institutions within the Chase network, whether or not Chase fellows. It is open to prose writers, poets and script writers. Applicants should submit a creative sample – two-thousand-words of prose, ten pages of script or two poems – and a brief personal statement. In addition, students should (1) apply from their institutional email address, (2) specify which Chase Institution they are currently enrolled at, (3) specify whether they are Chase funded, (4) indicate any particular access requirements, (5) indicate whether they consent to any photography or filming at the Residency to be used for promotion of Chase training and recruitment or for learning resources and (6) provide the title and a one line description of their PhD thesis. 

Selection will be on (1) the strength of the creative sample, (2) to ensure diversity and (3) to maintain a collegiate and supportive environment.

Applications should be sent to by no later than 30 January 2019. Successful applicants will be notified by 1 April.