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CHASE Sonics Workshop

Once a narrow territory, now, the scholarly field of sound is extending beyond its disciplinary boundaries; its traces can be increasingly found within the academic fields of media archeology, politics, aesthetics, science, and others. Aurality, as a connecting inter-disciplinary agent, brings voices, bodies, notions of power and resistance, questions of art and forms of reception, into a lively debate – one that not only offers alternative methods and conceptualization approaches, but also introduces new forms of knowledge.

by Sandra Kazlauskaite

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'From Above and Below'

‘From Above and Below’ was an event I recently curated at the Mosaic Rooms in London, which brought together a series of investigations into the shifting parameters of contemporary warfare. The intention of the event was not only to convey the position or physical viewpoint - from above - which the state apparatus utilises as part of modern day conflict, exemplified by the use of armed drones and aerial bombing. 

By Helene Kazan (Goldsmiths, University of London)

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