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Placing Prints: New Developments in the Study of Prints, 1400-1800

On 12th and 13th February 2016 The Courtauld Institute of Art hosted a Joint Annual Renaissance Early Modern Postgraduate Symposium, entitled “Placing Prints: New Developments in the Study of Print, 1400-1800”. The two-day conference stemmed from shared research interests of four PhD Candidates at The Courtauld, working both in the Renaissance and Early Modern sections. 

by Tatiana Bissolati, Chloe Gilling (The Courtauld Instituties of Art, CHASE-funded students) and Naomi Lebens and Bryony Bartlett-Rawlings (The Courtauld Institute of Art).

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Challenging Gender, Embracing Intersectionality?

Challenging Gender, Embracing Intersectionality? was a fantastic CHASE symposium right at the end of November at the Open University in Camden. Student led, it was a great event to be part of as a CHASE student, giving me the opportunity to meet up with some other students that I’d met at different CHASE events last year. The timing was great, coming right after the Encounters conference, and it felt like a natural continuation of discussions from some of the groups we were in.

by Elena Dirstaru

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