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‘Politics and reflexivity when studying conflict’: Responses and reflections by Hana Sandhu (SOAS)

This piece is a response to a seminar on ‘Politics and reflexivity when studying conflict’ organised by doctoral students from the Courtauld Institute of Art that took place at Birkbeck University on the 19th March 2019. This issue is suggestive for my doctoral project because I am looking at the representation of the First and Second Congo War in popular culture but I am neither Congolese nor of African origin.

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A week in the Florentine Archives with the Medici Archive Project

I am researching patrons of art in the Umbrian towns of central Italy, in the years 1480 to 1510, and in particular I am interested in tracing networks of patrons in this area at a time that a flowering of patronage of artists.  Having spent time of researching existing scholarship, last year I came to a point no doubt familiar to many scholars, when I had questions that were not going to be answered without going to the primary source. It was time to start my archive research.

by Lydia Goodson

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