Welcome from CHASE Student Committee

In my capacity as Chair of the CHASE Student Committee for Action and Communication, it is a pleasure to warmly welcome our new students to their CHASE PhDs and welcome back the rest of the cohort to what I’m sure will be a jam-packed year.

To introduce our Committee, we are student representatives from all of the CHASE institutions who meet 4 or 5 times each year and consult with students across the consortium from our institutions and also at Encounters. To find out more about who we are, what we do, how to get in contact with us to join, raise an issue or write for our blog, follow us on Twitter @StudentChase, email us at chasesc233@gmail.com or find us at our blog chasestudents.org.uk.

The new academic year always brings a rush of excitement yet a certain fear or anxiety of what’s to come. What I wish I knew when I started my PhD back in September 2017 is to embrace the challenges that get thrown at you, but also to embrace the opportunities, and as CHASE students there will be no shortage. Take things at your own pace, get to know how you work and what works for you. It’s cliched but it’s the best advice I can give because it’s tried and tested.

We’re all different, we all have unique strengths, abilities, challenges and research. But our CHASE cohort and the Encounters conference keeps us together, so form those networks and keep abreast of any opportunities. If there’s a lack of specificity for training events for your research or disciplines, placements you’d be interested in or a skill you need, talk to CHASE and they’ll give the best advice on how to make it happen.

But most importantly, always be kind to yourself and to each other. A PhD is no easy task, and every individual possesses their own challenges.

Have a fantastic term and start of year!

Ellis Spicer
University of Kent and CHASE Student Committee Chair