Sophie Buckingham

University of East Anglia

Project title: A Poetics of Exile? Reading, Subreading and Translating Ovid's Tristia in Tudor England.

Supervised by Dr Matthew Woodcock

Research Project

From the very start of my English Literature degree at UEA I realised that the medieval and renaissance periods were my forte and wanted to develop my knowledge of the sources that I was using. By staying on at UEA and taking the MA in Medieval and Early Modern Textual Cultures I expanded my skill-set through examination of original archive materials and really broadened my horizons through prolonged, independent close-reading of source texts, girding me for the PhD which I am currently undertaking.

My research focuses upon Ovid's Tristia, which was written in ancient Rome under the reign of Augustus Caesar, and how this work has been re-used and reinterpreted in the context of 16th-century England by three key poets, Spenser, Wyatt and Churchyard.