Bence Bardos


University of Kent
Award year: 2018
Thesis title: This is Not a Meme: Cinematic Texts, Recontextualisation and Remixology in the Age of the Internet Meme

My research is an examination of the somewhat neglected area of Internet memes: a Web 2.0 era communicational system usually dismissed as ‘funny images and videos’. Characterised by intertextuality, memes remix and re-purpose other media such as the films 'Shrek' (2001) or 'Bee Movie' (2007), which in turn gain new meaning(s) on the internet. My research proposes to gain insight into the role of the Internet meme as a social and cultural system of communication, as well as to explore the way memes are influenced by and in turn influence other texts, with a focus on cinema and video.

Supervised by: Dr Richard Misek, Michael Newall

Research interests

Film, digital media, Internet memes, participatory culture, film and video semiotics, spectatorship, remixology, practical filmmaking, identification, contemporary art, video editing.

About me

I am a PhD researcher at the University of Kent primarily interested in film, video and digital media studies. I graduated a Masters course in 'Film with Practice' with Distinction and I have a First Class Honours degree in Film, both from the University of Kent. I was awarded the School of Arts Recognition Prize 'for Outstanding Practical Work' in 2016. During my studies I gained skills in both film/media theory and film practice, studying television and cinema studies, screenwriting, directing actors, documentary and smartphone filmmaking.

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